Playing through the pain

Interesting NYTimes read on "Playing Through The Pain" by Robert Dubrow. Most musicians. whether you realize or not (myself included,) have performed with minor or major pains caused from heavy practicing and performing at some point in their career. Myself, I'm more of the suffer in silence type, so no one around me would ever know. However, there are solutions to help prevent it from occurring  and heal quickly once that door has opened. With long stretches of rehearsals, performing, recording, and as a guitarist that jumps different styles (different styles equals different techniques), my hand health is always at the front of my mind. Solutions: use good technique while playing, take breaks, hand stretches and exercise regularly, take care of your body, eat a healthy diet, and really listen to your body. It's important to not ignore that very first sign that somethings not quite right. That is the moment I've learned to stop everything and back off of playing and do something, walking, running, stretching, massage, ...that is the moment (for me at least) I am able to prevent anything serious from occurring. If you ignore your body when it's trying to tell you something, you're be in a world of pain.  
Something else this article brought to light...musicians don't talk about this. We hide it from others until absolutely necessary to admit. We stay poised on the outside even though we know something is off. I know because I've done this many times and honestly this is the first time I've admitted to having issues in the past. So, if any musician has an issue that just isn't open to charing with your peers, feel free to contact me. 

NYTimes Article: Playing Through The Pain

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