Missing In Action or just a breather from social media? A little of both for me, so let me fill in the blanks since my last update in December.
Magazine articles and reviews: I was flattered to be in the December issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine demoing Santa Cruz Guitars, and look forward to the upcoming Fanfare magazine and Classical Guitar magazine for my CD review. As a DIY musician, I am amazed at the progress made in 2014 for "SoloMe" that still continues develop in 2015, so thanks again to Phoenix Classical for the support.  
New Location: I have moved to a different area of Atlanta and I am now teaching guitar lessons in Vinings and also in my Buckhead studio. New students are welcome, fill out the contact form and I'll get back with you promptly.
Music Performances: With wedding season around the corner my schedule is quickly filling up, though inquiries are welcome. If I am ever unavailable, I'd be happy to recommend a fellow musician that would be suitable for your event.
Please note, I don't always indicate all of my performances on my "Gigs & Stuff " schedule since they are mostly private events. I do have some more public events I'm conjuring up for the summer, so stay tuned.
What I've been listening to: I'm the kind of listener that will keep the same CD spinning in my car for a month or two. If it's really good and well produced, I hear something new every time I listen to it...even it's the 50th time. So this month has been Jimmy Herring's "Subject to Change Without Notice. Such a master improvisor that I never tire of.

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