Sound Check

Once in a while I get to gig and the acoustics of a room are mind blowing. Who would of thought, in the middle of nowhere on a mountain top would I find the most amazing room to play  in…


Playing through the pain

Interesting NYTimes read on "Playing Through The Pain" by Robert Dubrow. Most musicians. whether you realize or not (myself included,) have performed with minor or major pains caused from heavy practicing and performing at some point in their career. Myself…


Fingerstlye Guitar Lessons Part 1

Many times with both classical and fingerstyle guitar students I spend time with strength training their "weakest finger" on their right hand (left hand for the lefties)...the ring finger, also called the "a" finger.  I personally call it the retarded…



As part of his current tour, Joe Bonamassa is offering a FREE download of his recent 12 track CD. As usual, he sounds great!


Pandora Listeners

Well it took a bit longer than expected, but nevertheless I am officially on Pandora.
Please like, follow, listen, and support. More listeners equals more tracks by yours truly added to their playlist.
All in all, this is a good…


Practice Tip

Here's a thought to keep yourself in check while practicing your instrument. Record yourself for a 30-45
minute stretch. What kind of practice techniques do you have? Do you practice with a specific goal in mind
and work through each…


Mental Benefits of Playing Music

For those of you, like me, that are fascinated with how the brain works here is an interested link.
“Neuroscientists have proven that playing a musical instruments engages practically every area of the brain at once, especially the visual…


Decemeber 2015

And now for the exhausting last stretch into the new year...three more performances to go and two more weeks of classes to teach.
What  a great year of accomplishments and life changes. SoloMe's airplay reached throughout the US, Canada, and…

Hot is Hot!

Heat index 106, temp 93..whatever that means. Hot is hot! Stevie Wonder song for the Wedding Party and now for the Bride's entrance. Why someone would get married outside in July in the South is beyond me. Nevertheless, despite the…


Missing In Action or just a breather from social media? A little of both for me, so let me fill in the blanks since my last update in December.
Magazine articles and reviews: I was flattered to be in…