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Atlanta based guitarist, vocalist, performer, composer, and music educator, Johnna Jeong maintains a busy schedule as a musician. Performing for numerous events and weddings throughout the Southeast for almost two decades has enabled her to hone her skills as a sought after performer both as a soloist and in ensemble settings. Her CD "SoloMe" has received rave reviews and airplay throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada. "SoloMe" is a collection of Latin, contemporary, and original guitar compositions. Available at Amazon &  I-tunes, Pandora, and right here

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"Thrilled to have had my first opportunity to participate in the creation of this film both as an actor and as a composer.  "Touch & Go", written and directed by Heather Hutton, is such a beautiful and honest biopic film. I have immense admiration & gratitude for her as a director, not only for observing her bravery and artistic skill in sharing her story, but for trusting me in creating the musical backdrop for her film and for opening a new creative doorway for myself...composing for film and television. " ~ Johnna

*Since it's creation "Touch & Go" has been featured in film festivals throughout the world and has won several awards.*