Currently All Lessons Occur  on Zoom Or FaceTime
What To Expect From Your Lessons:

During a first lesson I assess the current level and ability of a student and develop a curriculum that is catered to meet the musical needs and interests of each person.  You’ll learn how to develop technique, expand your knowledge in music theory, ear training, learn songs that are attainable for your current level, and develop an at home practice strategies to help you get to your musical goals with ease.

It is my goal as a music educator to nurture the talents of aspiring musicians or simply share the joy of music with the novice player. In addition to teaching fundamentals of music theory, I also teach a variety of musical styles on the guitar to children and adults.

Prior to March 2020, private lessons were primarily taught at 
Maple Street Guitars, with limited in-home lessons. Currently lessons are taught primarily via zoom or FaceTime.  In-person lesson might resume in the future minimally as the majority of students have grown accustomed to the convenience.

"According to the Association of Psychological Science, intelligence test scores grew higher in children who took lessons in music. In another study, boys between the ages of 6 to 15 who took music lessons scored higher on tests of verbal memory than a control group of students without musical training."

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Guitar Lessons Atlanta


Now accepting students.

Gratitude: I love how a dramatic shift if work life has opened opportunities to teach people all over the country!

I have been helping beginner, intermediate and advanced players & performers
achieve their musical goals for over 15 years.

All ages and skills levels.
Classical, Fingerstyle, Blues, Jazz, Popular, Improve, Theory, Songwriting. 

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About My Students:

A wide range of guitar students have crossed my path over the years. Anywhere from the novice player, beginner music enthusiast, to the professional seeking new ideas. Ages have ranged from 5 to 85.  Yes! It’s never too late to learn something new! I do teach younger children on the condition that a parent or adult is periodically in the lesson.  As far as intermediate and advanced, I have successfully prepared students for performances, competitions, college auditions, and assisted in the creation of songwriters CD's. Many of my students have performed in various recitals, musicals, ensembles (both children and adult ensembles), received merit achievements in Royal School of Music testing, and many college admission successes. 

Why Take One-On-One Music Lessons:

Over the past decade, the number of educational resources available to the aspiring musicians has exploded. On the Internet, one can find sheet music to thousands of songs, exercises, tutorial videos, and even online "lessons." It is a wonderful and viable thing to have all of these sources at our fingertips; however, nothing beats live, quality one-on-one instruction. A video or book can instruct you as to what to do, provide great reference, adjust you technique, and teach you songs, but it can’t provide the one-on-one attention to help a student accelerate at a faster rate. A skilled instructor is able to cater to each student’s needs, provide constant feedback, monitor musical development, and shape each lesson to the individual.

Lesson Policies:

  • Lessons are paid for a month in advance
  • 24 hour cancellation is required to receive a make-up lesson, last minute cancellation or no-shows are not made-up
  • Episodic lessons are offered to adult students
  • Payment methods accepted: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo, Square 

Lesson Rates: 

  • $35 per half-hour lesson
  • $70 per hour lesson
  • $140 for one month of four, consecutive half-hour lessons

Guitar Lessons Atlanta

Guitar Lessons Atlanta