My Story

To be honest, I thought I was going to grow up and be a piano player. I started piano at a young age, but being in a military family and being uprooted every six months to two years made consistent study pretty difficult. I eventually gravitated to guitar and it just seemed to be a better fit. Though after years of guitar playing, the learning never stops... music is an endless study. Throughout this musical journey, my stylistic performing and teaching genres have included:  Classical, Jazz, Blues, Popular, Country, Songwriting, fingerstyle, Brazilian (Brazilian is my favorite) and other Latin styles. Though I don't really like putting a title on everything, but I guess for general perception everything needs to be put into a neat genre box for the the majority of listeners.  To me there is only good music or bad music, and they can pretty much exist in any genre.  I did study music in college and earned two degrees, but the real education begins when you get out and start working.

Currently, I perform frequently as a soloist (throughout the southeast), but I also perform with other talented musicians. Diversity will keep a musician busy and employed.  I also work as a music educator trying to spread the seeds to the next generation and lately I have been completely blown away with some of my talented younger students. They truly are mind blowing and I'm sure you'll be buying their music in a few years. 

After being on a number of CD's and involved with some great projects, I was finally able to put out my first solo guitar CD "SoloMe" in 2014 (with tremendous help from Kickstarter). The stars fell into alignment and the all the right people showed up at just the right time, and "SoloMe" has so far reached airplay in a few countries. What's next for me musically? Well, I have more recording ideas and I've been singing and writing music stay tuned. 
The future is bright.